About Us

About Original Cake Toppers

Original Cake Toppers (www.originalcaketoppers.com) is an online store where customers from all over the world can purchase beautiful home-crafted quality cake toppers at very reasonable price.

We design and produce all our cake toppers in our workshop in Australia using state of the art methods and the vision to make your special occasions more fun and memorable. Our mission is to offer the greatest range of cake toppers to our customers, for every celebration and with the highest quality of service possible.

Our story

We have always loved making new things and realising new ideas but creating cake toppers quickly became our all time favourite activity. Following the desire to offer our independent and unique cake topper designs to the world, we pursued our dream and made it official when we registered our company in January 2015. Within a few months and plenty of hard work, popularity grew and our online cake topper boutique www.originalcaketoppers.com was born.

Meet the team behind Original Cake Toppers

Olivia - Head of cake toppers design

Olivia is the artist behind the creation of all the cake toppers we ever produced. Designing a cake topper requires a lot of attention to details. Each cake toppers is analysed under all angles and it can sometimes takes many iterations before achieving satisfactory result and making it to our collection.

Basile - Website guru and online power seller

Basile ensures that our products can be purchased online and that you can easily find us when you ask google for cake toppers. Selling online and running a successful website is a lot of work and requires a wide range of skills including graphic design, programming, server administration, online advertising, writing products listing and about us pages.

Auggy - Head of cake toppers production

Auggy's role is to keep the cake topper production going. Using industrial grade machinery and premium materials, each cake toppers have to be produced and individually controlled to meet the highest level of quality expected by our customers. Many aspects of the cake topper production shall be performed with great accuracy to achieve a quality result.

Penny - Customers relation and cake toppers dispatch

Penny is your point of contact for almost all transactions and conversations with us. Ensuring all orders are dispatched within 24 hours and with the right postage option requires great care and dedication. Good service also come with prompt reply to customers' questions and Penny strives to address all queries in a prompt and professional manner.

Thank you for visiting www.originalcaketoppers.com - If you have any question or queries, please feel free to Contact Us.

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